Surface Finishing

Ford Aerospace offers Grinding and Lapping surface finishing. This surface finishing compliments its traditional machining and press punch capability for when our customer require superior surface finishes.

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End Cap Image

End Cap

This shim, like many others which we produce, will be manufactured in the CNC milling section. The program for this part will be designed on the latest CAD/CAM software offline, before being transferred to the milling machine to be manufactured in one operation, reducing the need for multiple setups, saving time and allowing lead times to be reduced for the customer.


Pressed Plate Image

Pressed Plate

This pressed plate is an assembly of three components. It incorporates a solid plate which is punched from a sheet, as well as two additional pressed components. These parts are treated, painted and part-marked as per the customer’s specifications, providing a high quality finish which will be visible when used in the final product.

Treated Washer Image

Treated Washer

Washers are a common component found passing through our shop floor due to the capabilities we have – either turning them from solid bar, or pressing them from sheet material. The method used will depend upon the customers’ requirements, with the addition of chamfers and other operations, such as heat treatments or painting, available upon request.

Housing Bush Image

Housing Bush

This housing bush was produced to the customer’s strict specification, which included dimensions with small tolerances, in order ensure that it would fulfil its purpose of joining two further components together. As the part would be visible when in use it was important to ensure that it was painted which would allow it to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to protect the item.

Plate Image


This plate is machined first in the CNC department to produce the required profile. It is then transferred to a conventional grinding machine, which produces a surface finish matching that of the customer’s specification.

Collar Image


Despite this collar appearing to be a simple enough part to manufacture, however the dimensions are very tied-up, with limited tolerances on the length, thickness and diameters. For this reason the part must be manufactured undersized to allow the additional treatments to bring the final dimensions in line with the customer’s requirements.

Special Washer Image

Special Washer

This special washer has been manufactured to a Ford Engineering drawing which contains dimensions that differ to the customer’s original request. This is due to the additional treatment processes which the part must go through in order to allow it to conform to the relevant specifications. These treatments bring the final dimensions of the component in line with that of the customers’ requirements.


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