Our Worldwide Geographical Markets

The Ford Engineering Group, has an ever growing, worldwide client base involved within many industrial applications and markets, buying and selling our wide ranging Precision machined and Pressed metallic components.

As one of the leading UK manufacturers, in the field of expertise of machining and pressing metals, the Ford Aerospace have established many European & International clients over our long history. We can operate directly with multiple customers across the globe or through a network of representative that deal with specific geographical & cultural markets.

Our global trade development is supported by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC). These associations allow us to not only understand export but also trade cost effectively in the worldwide market place.

Our manufacturing base in the North of England has access to a strong industrial workforce and vital sea, air and road networks to distribute products to key worldwide Rail, Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Energy and Construction Equipment markets.

Long term relationships are key to our success, we continue to look for Blue Chip Partnerships in all Countries and in all Industrial areas to strengthen the Ford Engineering Groups brand.

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We deliver our products to international business hubs around the world including, but not limited to the following countries:

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