Laminate Manufacture

We areĀ a global supplier and Laminate Manufacturer of all laminated products and laminated supplies parts. These include the Easipeel, Plasipeel & Edgepeel brands, we have the capability to manufacture any laminate sheet and parts.

Related Products

Laminate Washer Image

Laminate Washer

Laminate washers are a common component manufactured at Ford Engineering. Machined from our range of laminate sheets, which are produced in-house, the washers can be formed from layers of laminate material, or a hybrid combination of laminate and solid plate. Laminate washers allow our customers to make onsite modifications to be to the component without the need for specialist tools or equipment. This increased productivity and reduces downtime.

Laminate Shim Image

Laminate Shim

This composite laminate shim is an example piece from our Plasipeel range, made from multiple layers of either Mylar, Kapton or PEEK, bonded together to allow the total thickness to be reduced if required by the customer. Each sheet is 0.002 inch (0.05mm) thick, allowing customers to make accurate thickness changes onsite.

Laminate Plate Image

Laminate Plate

This Laminate plate is an example piece from our Easipeel range, available in both standard and hybrid form, with a solid sheet of metal and additional layers of 0.002 inches (0.05mm) which can be removed if the customer requires. This makes laminate components the ideal material to use for spacers or shims, where the required thickness could vary between applications.


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