Enhancing and upgrading our laser profiling facilities. We have a state-of-the art Orion 3015 Hybrid laser cutting machine, which is capable of handling sheet material up to 3m long x 1.5m wide. We now have the capability to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and wide range of additional materials up to a thickness of 16mm.


Related Products

Retaining Washer Image

Retaining Washer

The carbon steel Retaining washer is first cut on our laser cutting machine, sent out for heat treatment to achieve the required hardness and then ground to obtain the required flatness and surface finish.

Shim Image


This mild steel shim has been laser cut to size, it has a plain finish.

Tab Washer Image

Tab Washer

This large triangular shaped tab washer used in the Rail industry is laser cut then subcontracted to be zinc and yellow passivated.

Actuating Link Image

Actuating Link

This Actuating Link is produced on our laser cutting machine, it is then heat treated put through the rumbler to remove the sharp edges then finished ground and inspected.

Standard Locking Plate Image

Standard Locking Plate

Standard Locking Plates can be produced several ways usually depending on quantity required, this example is pressed, then subcontracted to be zinc plated and passivated.

Shim Image


This type of shim can be produced by laser or press, this particular example is has a natural finish but often they are provided with a plated finish.

Pipe Clip Image

Pipe Clip

These Pipe clips are first guilotined to produce the outside shape, the holes are then punched and the clip is then formed prior to plating.


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