Laminated Products Outstanding Quality Control

Providing consistently exceptional laminated shim stock supplies.

At Ford, We’ve developed Laminate material and shim manufacture using the highest levels of engineering and quality control. During key stages throughout our manufacturing process, each laminated shim stock passes through our inspection department and again prior to delivery.

Quality control inspections equipment includes CMM, together with the most advanced electronic tools, all operated by highly qualified engineers and inspectors as well as other strict testing requirements detailed below.

Our reputation and experience for providing first class plastic shims and gaskets and peelable shims to our customers is a platform which we are very proud to retain.

Ford laminated materials comply with the AMS-DTL-22499 Specification and passed the following tests:

  • Peel Test – As per AMS-DTL-22499 via Ford in-house laboratory
  • Water Immersion-As per ASM-DTL-22499 via Ford in-house laboratory
  • Compression Test – As per COMAC CMS-MT-301 Rev D via world famous laboratories of Exova and Bureau VERITAS.

Ford laminated materials also comply with customer specific specifications:

  • COMAC: CMS-MT-301
  • Airbus: ABS1507
  • AgustaWestland:  WHPS 399

Laminated Products Outstanding Quality Control

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