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The Ford Engineering Group are successful operators and suppliers to a range of industries. The nature of the product group and the high levels of service mean that any producers of mechanical moving assemblies should consider Ford Aerospace as a supplier. In order for  The global industry sectors we serve include Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Defence, Steel, Medical, Electronics, Power & Energy (nuclear and renewables), Railway ,Agriculture and Offshore Industries and many more related high technology industries.

Competitive Pricing, High Quality & On Time Delivery enables us to compete on a global scale into special niche and extremely price sensitive markets. Our ability to efficiently turn around low, medium and high volume work to meet demands of our International customers has allowed us to see strong overseas market growth.

One of our Key Market Areas for this growth is GAP Management, laminated and solid shims which ensure fast, precision tolerance compensation on the assembly of products such as fuselages, gearboxes and movable components – such as doors and elevators. Together with our customers, the Component division develops solutions for an ever increasing number of applications in the field of gap management. Our laminated shims allow the client to reduce stock of individual shims and offers the option of “sizing” a particular shim by adjusting the shimpack to the desired thickness on assembly. This option allows the client to have control over tolerances, saving precious time on assembly in applications where tolerances are critical to the operation of the assembled part.

As a group we are always expanding, both geographically and industrially to support the many markets which are integral to our low-carbon energy future. These include key components for the nuclear industry and the new renewable energy business areas.

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