Ford Visit Singapore Airshow

Published: 15th March 2016

For the first time since its beginning in 2008, a representative of Ford Aerospace Ltd, attended the Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore. Ford’s Group Managing Director, Chris Ford was there to discuss business in the region with both customers and suppliers, in a market which is growing in global significance. Ford unique range of product groups from industry standard aircraft parts, make to print machined and pressed components, and Ford brand laminate shims, makes Ford an attractive prospective supplier no matter where the customer is based for that ability to be an extremely well performance “one stop shop”.

singapore airshow map

Whilst Singapore and other areas of South East Asia have primarily been Machine Repair & Overhaul (MRP) hotstops, more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are building production in this thriving new aerospace hub. With Fords presence in China growing through successful marketing of Ford’s laminate products Easipeel and Plasipeel peelable shims, research shows that there might too be a need for the Ford products and services in Singapore as well as Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. Due to the significant size of the airshow, delegates from Aerospace industries across the world were in attendance, so meetings were also held with both current and potential new customers from Japan, South Korea, Australia, as well as Europe and UK. When visiting the other side of the world, it’s always good to see a familiar face, with fellow North-easterners Pearson Engineering exhibiting at the show showing off their latest equipment for armoured fighting vehicles; a market in which Ford does supply a number of FV part number (See case Study for more details).