The Ford Engineering Group

The Ford Engineering Group is an award winning, family owned corporation specialising in the machining and pressing of components and assemblies for the aerospace, automotive and related high – technology industries. It is a celebrated name within the precision engineering industry, rightly proud of its reputation for delivering exceptional levels of performance, service and quality to its customers.

The Ford Engineering Group is divided into two different sectors as well as one separate distinct product type – The Aerospace sector, the Industrial division, and Ford Laminated Products.

The Aerospace side provides a first-class, manufacturing and engineering service to a broad range of customers. With the origins of the group founded in 1910 Ford entered the Aerospace industry in 1982 producing high precision shims for various OEMS. Since then the business has continued to invest and develop its high precision machining capability resulting in a strong reputation in the industry for producing the highest quality components and mechanical assemblies. The Aerospace side continues to put high levels of focus on the customer needs and the development of the company strategy aims to put the company as the ‘best in class supplier’.

The Industrial Division was born out of the original Ford business back in 1910 and manufactures a huge variety of pressed, stamped, laser cut and formed components across a range of industries. The company can provide simple cost effective methods of manufacture to produce spacers, gaskets, shims, core plugs, tab washers, spring discs and more to any supply chain that has a requirement. We have even developed a unique method of producing thin gauge shims at lower cost to suit customer needs (please see our Low Cost Tooling capability).

Ford Laminated Products is the name given to Ford Engineering’s own range of adjustable or peelable products. With a portfolio that includes surface bonded and edge bonded products in both metallic and non-metallic materials, Ford Laminated products offers a cost effective solution to your shimming needs. The names Easipeel, Plasipeel and Edgepeel are all registered trade names for the variants of the laminated products and are regularly used in customer designed assemblies. Our engineers can offer advice in configuration and material type to ensure products suits the application and mating surfaces.